Howdy, the name’s Andrew Reese. I’m 27 yrs into life living in Denton, deep in the heart of Texas claps.

Currently messing around with using Gatsby, Ghost, and JAMStack services more. I'm procrastinating getting CSS Grid and GraphQL down efficiently.

I started off in the world of HTML around 2007 out of pure curiosity of the internet and decided to brand out into the exciting world of code and MAKE MY OWN WEBSITE gasp. That progressed and I went back and forth between that and wanting to be a Graphic Designer. But I naturally had more of a knack for coding and I figured that out pretty fast. So then I focused on HTML which when I started was in and thankfully soon into my time

became the norm, and this fancy new thing being used in browsers called CSS2. Eventually I kept growing my languages/frameworks/tools, which as I’ve learned was a bad and good thing hah. Some skills I've built over the years are in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SASS, Ruby on Rails, Angular(2-6), Vue, React/React Native, PHP, Python, Java, PostgreSQL/MySQL/MariaDB(and prefer relational to non-relational, but I have knowledge with MongoDB and Firebase), and others that are outdated or not really of interest of me to list cough ASP.NET / Visual Basic cough.

I am experienced in Windows(95-current), Mac(10.4-current), and Linux (Ubuntu is my specialty but I also have experience in CentOS, Arch, Kali, and Mint distros) environments. I use my custom built Windows 10 desktop rig for gaming and then use my Macbook Pro to program/design/everything else besides gaming really. My favourite tools of the trade currently are VS Code with a plethora of plugins (GitLens is killer), Firefox Quantum Developer Edition, and iTerm w/ oh my zsh & other addons.

On a not so techie note, I'm a music fanatic and constantly listen to music, especially while programming. Favourite genres still have to be Darkwave and Dark Synth. I am a Drummer & Percussionist and currently procrastinating learning piano.